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Emma and Anthony began making natural soap from their home kitchen when Anthony, who is a Doctor, grew tired of the awful feeling of having to wash so many times a day using soaps that contained sulfates, parabens, detergents, artificial frangrances and many other irrittants. Their friends and family fell in love with what they were creating and requested to be able to buy it from them, this was the beginning of the Australian Natural Soap Company.

Little did they know that three years later Emma, who was a journalist and speech writer, would have left her job and be the proud owner of two Melbourne retail outlets and an online store that provides a wide range of natural soap and skincare products to not only all of Australia, but all around the world. They also now have multiple contract manufacturing clients as well as various wholesalers stocking their products.

While each product is still made personally by Emma and Anthony (with a few helpers!), it is no longer done in the kitchen sink! They have long since acquired a factory in Melbourne that is constantly improving and expanding to keep up with the growing demand for high quality, entirely natural, bath and body products. One of the most important things they have learnt along the way is that Australia is blessed with some of the worlds best natural plant oils. It is with this knowlege that they continue their endeavour to change the way people feel about soap and bring awareness to natural alternatives. You may be of the opinion that soap is drying for the skin, that you would never use it on your face or that it makes your eczema flare up. Well, The Australian Natural Soap Company is here to show you otherwise!

By using only the highest quality natural plant oils, they have created a soap and skincare range that actually benefits all skin types - yes, even the most sensitive skin! The beautiful fragrances are achieved by the addition of pure essential oils, all of which have their own unique benefits for the skin. Not only are the products good for us, but with strict policies against animal testing and the use of palm oil, each product is guaranteed cruelty free, vegan and palm oil free. The company also holds regular fundraisers and donation systems for not-for-profit organisations; because they know that it's all thanks to communities of positive change makers that small start-up businesses can now share their passions with the world.

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