Welcome to the Australian Natural Soap Company: bringing you fresh, natural, ethical soap daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in your soaps. How do they clean if they are natural?

Each of our soaps contain a unique combination of natural plant oils. We use our own special soap making process, using only natural plant oils and lye, which has been used for centuries in soap making. We use lye to saponify the oils in our soaps, which is what gives them their cleaning qualities and is mostly eaten up during the saponification process. We do not use chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate or other artificial frothing agents and we do not use palm oil or tallow. We also use no artificial fragrances or dyes.

For further details on ingredients of individual soaps, each individual item on our website lists the natural oils contained in the soap in the description.

Which of your soaps are vegan?

All our soaps are vegan. We do not use any beeswax, goats milk or any other animal products in our soaps. They are also not tested on animals.

Do you use palm oil?

Absolutely not. We are very passionate about this issue and believe one of the best ways to bring about change is to offer real alternatives to palm oil products.

Do you use any sulfates?

We do not use sulfates what so ever in our products. 

Do you use parabens?

We are proudly paraben free - we in fact use no preservatives.

I have sensitive skin - can I use your soaps?

All our soaps use only natural plant oils so they are generally more gentle on skin than commercially produced soaps. We have a few soaps that have been designed specifically for those with sensitive skin. Our sensitive skin soap has no fragrance and contains no essential oils. Our Calamine (Zinc) soap uses that old time calamine lotion recipe of zinc, castor oil and olive oil. Zinc is gentle and calming on skin.

We recommend that when using our soap for the first time that you test the product on a small part of your skin, especially if you have had any allergic reactions to skin products in the past. 

I have eczema - can I use your soaps?

Our Calamine (Zinc) soap uses that old time calamine lotion recipe of zinc, castor oil and olive oil, which is great for eczema and anyone with itchy skin. Zinc is gentle and calming on skin. It also helps take the redness out of skin.

Can your soaps be used on children?

We'd generally recommend our more gentler soaps for children such as our sensitive skin soap, zinc soap and absolute avocado soap. We recommend that when using our soap for the first time on children that you test the product on a small part of their skin.

Do your soaps last long because they are natural?

Our soaps will generally last for two to six weeks but this of course depends on how many people are using the soap and how often they are used. The key to natural soaps is to make sure that they do not sit in water when they are not being used - this will extend the life of the soap significantly. We offer Australian made soap holders that use reclaimed cedarwood and are designed to drain your soap.

How do you use your soaps?

Our soaps are designed to be used to clean your skin and can be used in the shower or as a hand soap. They have not been designed to be used internally and as with any soaps or detergents, you should avoid getting them in your eyes.

Do you have any soaps gentle enough to use on the face?

Our Absolute Avocado Soap and Coconut Delight soaps use 25% extra oil and are very moisturising and gentle on the skin. These would be the two that we'd recommend using on your face.

Do you have any soaps that exfoliate as well?

Our Peppermint & Pumice, which uses natural pumice and Fair Trade Coffee, which uses freshly ground coffee, soaps exfoliate the skin as well. 

Do you have any soaps that are 'soap free'?

This is always a difficult question to answer. Real soaps by definition use lye so in that respect all our soaps are soaps. But they do not use tallow or any of the other artificial surfacants that have been used widely in commercial soap making in the last few decades that have generally given soaps a bad reputation. 

I would like to make an order for someone else so would like delivery to be somewhere else besides my home address. How do I do this?

Easy - all you have to do is make sure you change the delivery address to the address that you would like it to be delivered to. We ask you always check the delivery address before payment to make sure that your order makes it to the right address.