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The Australian Natural Soap Company: we love skin

One of the most common complaints aimed at soap is that it’s extremely drying on skin. For our soaps, this is simply not the case. 

All our soaps are pH balanced and our special soap making process makes them froth up nicely, giving you a deeper clean. We also only use the highest grade, pure oils, which make our soaps exceptionally moisturising and also nourishing for the skin.

Because we use only pure, high-grade oils, our soaps are extremely gentle, which makes them great for those with sensitive or irritated skin. We also produce a range of unscented soaps designed to be particularly mild. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from people with sensitive skin. You can easily recognise the best soaps for sensitive skin on our website as they are marked with their own unique sticker. 

The Australian Natural Soap Company: we love Australia

Soap is undergoing a renaissance in some of the trendiest places in the world, such as New York and Paris. People are beginning to recognise that natural soap isn’t really the bad guy that it’s been portrayed to be through years of advertising. We think it’s about time that soap was cool again in Australia as well.

Australia produces some of the world’s best natural oils and our products are testament to the fact that they make really beautiful soaps. Most of the oils that we use are produced by Australian farmers. We can even tell you what region of Australia the oils come from. We only use oils from overseas when we cannot source them locally.

We are also 100% Australian made and owned – meaning we are an Australian manufacturer and retailer. Both industries are going through tough times at the moment as we find it hard to compete with cheaper imports from overseas.

While we are committed to giving you value for money, we believe that our soaps are of the highest quality. They are simply a pure indulgence for you, better for the environment and better for Australia – making them worth that little bit extra. 

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